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Custom Tuning by LET Motorsports

LET Motorsports now offers in-house custom tuning and dyno-proven staged tunes for your late-model Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche,Volvo, VW, and Chrysler!

-Increase your vehicle's performance with LET's Optimized Power Programming specifically matched to your combination!   

- HP gains vary by application and combination. 

- LET guarantees your satisfaction with our tuning products. You have 2 weeks to enjoy your new power risk-free.  LET will return your ECU to its original state and refund your tuning fee if not completely satisfied.

LET uses the latest high tech equipment and technology to ensure your vehicle is safe. We montior Air / Fuel ratios various wideband sensors, including the Innovate Motorsports LM-1 and LM-2 digital Air / Fuel Ratio Meters. We also use top of the line knock detection equipment from Phormula, including the KS-4 / KS-3 Knock Analyser, and the infamous KS-Pro Knock Analyser.

LET's products are for off-road and racing use only, and may never be used on a highway on any pollution-controlled vehicle.

All ECU's are to be shipped to:

LET Motorsports
3108 S Route 59 STE 124-149
Naperville, IL 60564

Phone : (312) 446-6326

All shipments must be prepaid and include our ECU form. The form will be provided once payment is paid.

Phormula Knock Detector KS-Pro

Phormula Knock Detector KS-3

LM-2 Wideband Used by LET Motorsports Tuning

LET Motorsports Professional Tuning Equipment


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